"Serving Industries through Finance"

Welcome to Eswatini National Industrial Development Corporation

ENIDC is a development financier which seeks to empower local businesses to effectively participate on the global trade space. It supports investments in a diversified range of sectors through a variety of financing products. The Corporation boasts an invasive outreach program that encompasses local community based businesses that are characterized by unique invention and innovation. Through strategic partnerships, our DFI is geared to embrace projects of all sizes with significant impact. 

ENIDC is mandated to establish, facilitate, promote, guide and assist in financing of existing and new business undertakings as well as provide financing for expansion, better organization, modernization and efficient operations in existing businesses. It is a nominated manager of Government’s non-controlling stakes in various private entities and has been assigned as custodian of some special sector development funds. 

Sectors of Investment Interest

Key Investment sectors of Eswatini’s Economy

We invest in economically and financially viable, technically feasible,and environmentally friendly projects that have sustainable medium to long term returns that yield positive growth effects to Eswatini’s socio-economic environment